Your mindset is a collection of data you have accumulated over your lifetime. It consists of the beliefs and opinions you’ve adopted as you were growing up. As a baby your mind was like a sponge, listening and observing the behaviours of your parents and other family members. As time went by, not only did you adopt some of the beliefs and opinions of your parents but as you observed and listened to “others” that you came into contact with, you will have also adopted some of their beliefs and opinions as well.

Your mindset also represents the “conditioning” you were exposed to as a child. In my case I was brought up in a very strict Christian home where I was “conditioned” to think that if I didn’t accept the Lord as my Saviour then I wouldn’t be going to heaven. It can be easy to blame our parents for them “conditioning” us in a certain way, but if you looked at the bigger picture, you’d realise that they themselves are a result of this “conditioning” as well. It is a pattern of behaviour that is passed down through the generations i.e. religion is passed down, abuse is passed down etc. The cycle only gets broken when someone is willing to break free from that “mindset”.

Major traumas in our lives have a huge impact on our mindset as well. Maybe you were subjected to abuse as a child, in my case my mother died when I was 10 years old. These “events” impact our mindset in the form of how we see ourselves, our view of the world and ultimately our ability to succeed.

Your mind is like a computer, every day it stores all the relevant/important data away in your subconscious mind. It is filled with your memories which consists of both good and bad experiences, beliefs, traumatic events and any conditioning you’ve been exposed to.

However, all computers need constant upgrading and your mindset is no different.