Every day you have stories to tell, i.e. the funny thing that happened to you today or how you handled a dispute at work etc. Besides the external stories, you also tell yourself stories internally. What do I mean when I say that, well, it’s like having a conversation with yourself, an internal dialogue.

Say you’re looking for a job and you’ve had some interviews but unfortunately you weren’t successful. You’ve been looking for a while and you need to find something ASAP because you’re running out of money. While you’ve been feeling ok up to this moment, now you’re beginning to feel a bit anxious and your optimism is starting to fade. Then you find yourself saying things to yourself like:

• I’ll never find a job
• All the good jobs are taken
• There must be something wrong with me because no-one will hire me.

and this line of thinking gathers momentum and before you know it, you’re starting to feel even more depressed about the whole situation.

It’s one thing to think these thoughts but what happens when a friend or family member asks you how the job hunting is going? Naturally, you don’t want to lie so you end up telling them the “story”.

“I haven’t been able to find anything yet. It’s proving really difficult to find a job that matches my skillset. I’ve had a few interviews but no-one will hire me.” etc.

What’s happened now is that you are creating a new belief with respect to this subject because you’ve now verbalised it and are repeating the thought process. This belief will be filed away in your subconscious mind until it gets recalled when you think or talk about something similar. This “story” has the potential to slow the whole job hunting process down. Why, well we are the creators of our reality. When you think those thoughts/beliefs you attract more of the same. Meaning, in this example, you’ll attract more jobs that you are not suited to and it will confirm to you “how hard” trying to find a job is.

So how can you prevent this from happening.

1. Be aware of the thoughts you’re thinking
2. Catch the negative thought early.
3. As soon as you recognise thinking this way, switch your focus.

When I say switch your focus, either get off the subject completely or flip that negative thought on its head and switch it into a positive.

You are the one in control. Choose your thoughts carefully because they will either keep you stuck or propel you forward.