👉👉👉How our beliefs shape our future👈👈👈

Have you ever wondered how your belief system is made up?

Let’s break down what a belief is and how they are formed.

🔷A belief is just a thought you have thought over and over until you have convinced yourself that it’s true.🔷

Now, there are two ways beliefs are formed:

1. You’ve repeated a thought until you believe it; or

2. You have been told something by someone and you’ve repeated it continuously until you’ve adopted that belief as your own. i.e. someone told you that you weren’t good enough

To enable you to achieve the success you want is largely dependent upon whether you believe in yourself and your ability to succeed. Not all the beliefs we have accumulated throughout our life are helpful. Certain beliefs you’ve adopted since early childhood can be responsible for you not to realise your potential. For example, if you had a belief that “you weren’t good enough” then that belief could stop you from succeeding, because every time you tried, the little voice in your head would say something like … “are you kidding, you’re not good enough to do that”! It could very well be that this belief formed because someone close to you told you that when you were young, and you adopted that belief as being true. A very important thing to remember is that just because someone told you that doesn’t mean that it’s true. That was just someone’s opinion. The good news is that you don’t have to go back and “fix” any beliefs, you just need to ditch the unhelpful ones and make new ones.

One way to decipher which beliefs are beneficial to us or not is by becoming aware of them and then asking the question – is this belief helpful or not helpful?

You can’t continue to think negative thoughts or hold onto old beliefs and expect positive outcomes. If you continually think “you can’t do it” then that’s exactly the outcome you will receive. If you seriously want something to change then you must replace those negative thoughts (or old beliefs) with positive thoughts (new beliefs). E.g.

• I can’t do it → I can do it
• It’s too hard → it’s easy
• Nothing ever works out for me → Everything is always working out for me

Now since we have so many thoughts running through our mind throughout the day it would be near impossible to police them. However, just by increasing your awareness is a good starting point and it will help you to decipher which ones you need to ditch and which ones to keep.