It’s NOT who you are that holds you back …

it’s who you THINK you are not!


  • Do you lack the confidence to step outside your comfort zone?
  • Do you feel anxious or nervous at the prospect of venturing into the unknown?
  • Do you find yourself questioning whether you’ve actually got what it takes to pursue your dreams?


If this is YOU, then welcome you’ve come to the right place.

You didn’t come here to play it small, play it safe and lead a mediocre life, you came here to experience all that life has to offer and to achieve, not only your true potential, but success on all levels.

Now here’s the big BUT…

But you get in your own way.

  • You talk yourself out of things;
  • You think you are not good enough;
  • You are fearful of being judged and criticised;
  • Deep down you feel that what you really want is not available to you.

I want YOU to know that it doesn’t have to be that way …

YOU can BE, DO and HAVE anything you want!

IMAGINE … how different would your life be if you possessed UNSHAKEABLE confidence, if your self esteem, your sense of self worth and self value was UNWAVERING and you possessed IMMENSE courage?

IMAGINE … how good it would feel to be able to confidently step beyond your comfort zone knowing that you could achieve whatever you desired?

Guess what … YOU already possess these attributes!

Are you ready to reconnect to them?

Are you ready to transform your life?


Hey, I’m so pleased you dropped by …

Let me introduce myself, I’m Judy and I’m a Rapid Transformation Coach.

I’m passionate about empowering women, like you, to confidently step outside your comfort zone so you can become the phenomenal woman you were born to be.


Here’s what my clients’ have to say:

Judy was amazing!!
She helped me change my mindset on selling and moving forward with potential clients. Freed me from the feeling of rejection I felt and gave me positive vibes to move forward with my new business in mentoring.  Thank you 😀


I was having trouble being motivated at work until I had an RTT session with Judy. The session flowed seamlessly, Judy kept me informed of what to expect the whole way through so I felt calm and safe and very supported. Judy was really intuitive and really helped me to identify the root cause of my issue with motivation which was a complete surprise to me. It was illuminating. I felt so much better after the session, the change was palpable. The audio was so motivating that I couldn’t listen to it before bed as I would be too engrossed in what I would do the next day that I couldn’t sleep!

Thank you for such a gift Judy.

Karen, Melbourne

“I sought assistance from Judy for my social anxiety and lack of self-belief and self-love. I have suffered with social anxiety for the majority of my life from a very young age. I was always tough on myself and a bit of a perfectionist. I have always had a belief that I was an outsider, different and just not fun, loveable or good enough. This belief resulted in me sabotaging the majority of my relationships and even sabotaging my career. I would get stressed, overwhelmed so easily and flee in situations of conflict. I was afraid to ask others for help for fear of being a failure and confirming I was not good enough. I was a yes woman, afraid to say no and bombarding myself with debilitating workloads. 

Since my session with Judy, my social anxiety levels have decreased and I feel so much calmer and I am establishing healthier boundaries at work. Most importantly I feel enough as myself and have learned to surrender and ask others for help and delegate tasks. This does not make me a failure. This was a huge breakthrough for me. Every day I am excited as I see myself changing and evolving into the woman I was meant to be.  

I would highly recommend Judy. Judy is a brilliant Therapist with a beautiful, warm & compassionate heart. My experience with Judy was amazing from start to finish. She created a safe space for me to talk about my issue, and made me feel that I was not alone. During the session, she found the root of the problem and extracted it and installed new, positive beliefs in its place. The recording she made me is so powerful and it soothes me off into a deep sleep every night. I wake up every morning feeling refreshed, re-energized and feeling absolutely amazing. 

I am so grateful for this experience and recommend it to everyone!”

Therese, ON Canada

OMG! I had an amazing RTT session with Judy about my procrastination on dealing with my “social media work” and the lack of enthusiasm I had every time I was to deal with anything related to it. After her 90min session I achieved in two days what I had been putting off for MONTHS! Not only was it gratifying to see where the blocks came through but it was also extremely rewarding to see how quickly she fixed them! and we even had the session online…. I was blown away! I can’t recommend her enough and I will definitely be coming back for more. Thank you Judy!

Lourdes, Bannockburn

“My therapy with Judy has been invaluable and literally life changing and I can’t be thankful enough! Throughout the entire process I never felt fear of being judged.  Judy worked on me to unblock my fears and stop sabotaging myself for achieving my goals. Even during the session I felt a massive shift and much more confident and by the end of the session, I literally felt free.  Listening every day to the recording has helped me so much and increased my personal confidence, having stronger willingness for achieving my goals.

I would highly recommend Judy’s services to anyone.


D. Amari, London - November 2020

“I came to Judy after reaching a crossroad in my life. I was desperately wanting more, more connection, deeper relationships with those close to me. I wanted to live life more deeply but felt like I was always running into a road block. Judy helped me to uncover what that road block was. After years of self-conditioning to a very limiting thought pattern, Judy was able to very companionably identify where and how I was holding myself back and eliminate those thought patterns forever. I wake up every day with a new sense of connection, inner peace, ready to go out and live the life I now know I truly deserve, the life I was destined for. 

 Judy I’m extremely grateful and thankful, you have help me become the better version of myself that I have always wanted to be.

 I would highly recommend having an RTT session with Judy if you feel blocked in any way.”

Sarah, NZ

“At the beginning of November 2020 I had an RTT session with Judy via zoom.  She assisted me with addressing some issues that had been holding me back so that I was not able to fulfil my life’s purpose. My career as a registered nurse was no longer fulfilling for several reasons and my self belief and confidence began to fade along with my passion to remain nursing.  Working shift work full time through covid lockdown while also being a full time single mother took its toll and the anxiety of this type of work very quickly escalated. I was off task and running on coffee, chocolate and mixed nuts. Nothing made sense any more.  Simple tasks began looking like huge mountains to climb and I knew if I were to remain as a functioning well balanced strong woman, I needed to take some time out for ME! I resigned from my job and began doing me. But that still wasn’t enough so I turned to RTT and am very glad I did.

Judy helped me see and then understand that my issues linked back to some experiences that had been locked away deep in my subconscious. She helped me gain understanding of why these memories were triggered and how they related to my current situation of again feeling as though life was a huge mountain too big to climb. Judy helped me feel safe enough to explore the things in my life that have held me back and then she replaced those limiting beliefs with my very own dreams and wishes that I am currently working on bringing to life.

If you are looking for real change and if you are ready to take your life to the next level, then I would say you need to call Judy. Im glad I did xo”

Hineone Gilbert

“I have always wanted to feel so confident to be able to speak in public however speaking my mind or speaking in public had made me very intimidated and out of words.

After the session I felt like a heavy weight has left my body and I feel way lighter.  Not only has my self esteem gone up, but to my surprise, my confidence has had a massive boost and I was able to speak up during a training event recently and I felt so comfortable being able to express myself.  I feel like a different person! and I am loving it !!!

Judy was very sweet and caring and made me feel safe and ready to open up.

I would definitely recommend Judy!”

Wiem Chiha